Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter On The Salmon Creek

It snowed off and on all day today. After lunch I went down to one of my favorite places. I walked down by the mouth of the Salmon Creek, where it empties into Cayuga Lake. As it was snowing heavily, light filtered down through the mist of snow to the southwest and lit the sky. As the snow lightened I waded in the middle of the creek when I heard a steady ta-dump, ta-dump, ta-dump behind me. I turned to see a train approaching the old trestle bridge. I took the picture below of the train on the bridge while standing waist deep in the middle of the rushing creek!


Sheri said...

beautiful. Love the one of the bridge from the same level with all the snow in the air.

frankphoto said...

thanks! It is such a special spot down by the lake where the river enters the lake. I love shooting during a snow storm. The falling snow acts like a giant flickering filter and scatters the light in a wonderful way! I went back this morning and got some more special images. It was so cold, but worth it!

Anonymous said...

wow, these pictures are gorgeous, i love the one with the train, I'm so glad you found my blog so i found yours :), Awesome

B Dad